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Andre Assous

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Andre Assous espadrilles and sandals offer fashion that looks as good as it feels. Andre Assous, along with his partner Jacques Cohen, brought the Spanish-style peasant espadrille to the U.S. market from Europe in 1970. The espadrille ­— featuring a linen/hemp upper stitched to a wedge bottom ­— created quite a stir among American women, who fell in love with its simplicity, comfort, and all-natural appeal. Andre Assous became known as "The King of the Espadrille," but he wants his brand to be known for so much more than that. Today, Andre Assous offers a wide variety of lifestyle sandals in addition to his classic espadrilles, each making comfort and style a priority. Andre Assous espadrilles are the best in the business, he still to this day is routinely asked for advice on the construction of this fashion favorite. Enjoy all-natural comfort and style with the latest Andre Assous espadrilles and sandals!